"We are moving in the right direction"
By Concerned Ethiopians | February 20, 2012

We are proud of the common task of our country, one Ethiopia and one people, because it is virtually certain that these fragmented and ethnic based political structures are not found in our community. It is a political business for minor political elites. But, for us, there is no reason to leave the ethnic Foundation’s further development process to its own divisive and dangerous poison.

The above statement illustrates a historic decision made by the Oromo community in Norway, Oslo. This historic moment is triggered by the current illegal refugee repatriation agreement reached between the Norwegian and Ethiopian government. The agreement between the two counties led to refugee crisis in Norway. In return the refugee crisis also led to the voluntarily unification of Ethiopian communities to organize themselves under the umbrella of Ethiopian community and many Ethiopian opposition parties who support such unity. Thanks to the Oromo community leaders and prominent Oromo individuals from Oromo community in Oslo. The is the result of the decision made by those role model persons in Oromo community to demonstrate our common foundation and a fundamental contemplation of our long time strategies and key political areas as well as the feeling embedded within the Ethiopiawinet and Ethiopian Foundation.

For this reason, even though we didn’t yet reach any political agreement, part of our political culture involves repeatedly sounding out that we, Ethiopians all together, are moving in the right direction given the new social, political and economic challenges, despite our ethnic based political differences and orientations. Do we affect the discourse of ethnic political policy? Are we, as one entity, political and community foundation, in a position to lend common political impetus for the furtherance of equality for all? And, finally: how do we accomplish our democracy, justice and human right need as a common task within our own country, Ethiopia and within the multicultural and corporate culture?

In answering these questions, we set about, last month especial joint meeting http://ethiomedia.com/broad/3484.html in Oslo at Ethiopian community hall, holding numerous discussions and making some important attitude changes. “The Ethiopian Community in Norway arranged and held a meeting in which different Ethiopian communities and political groups participated and set up this task force entrusted with the task of developing the culture of working together. The task force is composed of members drawn from the Ethiopian Community in Norway (ECN), the Democratic Change in Ethiopia Support Group in Norway (DCESON), Ethiopian People`s Revolutionary Party (EPRP- Norway), Oromo Community, Ogaden Community, Ethiopian Asylum Seekers` Association in Norway and other individuals”.

We have merged the three communities into one unity, namely, the task force against forced repatriation to Ethiopia. This common task force had been working independently, into one common organizational and working unit. The aim of this move is to move even more effective politically and jointly deal productively with the tense political differences among Ethiopian opposition parties. With respect to political education work, the newly founded task force seeks to illustrate in certain selected core issues that viewing and addressing political issue from a unifying political perspective. This does indeed make a significant difference and provide impetus for future political action.

Reports coming from the Oromo community leaders and some members of the community confirm that the Oromo Community made a historic move and decision on the current refugee crisis in Norway as well as on the long term political confusion among the Oromo political actors. According to the information given from the participants, the Oromo community in Oslo held it public meeting on the 11th of February 2012 in Oslo.

At the meeting, there was a huge challenge and opposition faced the old OLF group. The result of the meeting gave a clear message that the Oromo community will give necessary support to the idea of working with all Ethiopian political and civic organizations that are engaged in solving the current refugee crisis in Norway. Members of the community have also given a green light to and the need to support the newly formed OLF led by General Kemal Gelchu and Ginbot 7’s political move in the right direction. On the contrarily, the mood of the public show that the Oromo community in Norway is moving away from old OLF political agenda, especially to the OLF function led by Dawud Ibsa’s expired and crippling political businesses.

After the chairman of the Oromo community in Oslo, Norway, Ato Saketa Etafa, gave the details and reasons of why the Oromo community leaders and elders have decided to join Ethiopian community on the current refugee crisis, the community members have approved unanimously to work with Ethiopian political organizations and community. The community members have also expressed the necessity of working together within the Ethiopian contexts under Ethiopian community with different Ethiopian political parties to make sure that only people are capable of creating true and sustainable unity, not only to the current refugee crisis, but also to move in the right direction to build our common country, Ethiopia. The supporters of such move explain that the old OLF’s complete lack of understanding about vitality of Ethiopian people’s unity and common goal to remove the current Ethiopian regime. According to those Ethiopian Oromos, community or grass root based unity, at this time, is important, and is becoming more and more apparent as calls from Oromo Community members and its top leaders urge that the old OLF should have to accept the will of the Oromo people to join all including Ethiopian community in Norway (ECN) or face the consequence of losing or giving up its ambitious ethnic politics.

At the same time, this common foundation has, over several stages, taken full stock of its equality, equal opportunities and empowerment of the three communities as Ethiopian community in its activities in Norway through different workshops, seminars, community meetings and different occasions to determine new thematic courses for the future of Ethiopia as one and common country.

The aim of this voluntarily community initiative is, firstly to tackle the problem of ethnic based and divisive political challenges of the future for our activities at home and abroad, and to renew our self-image and/or our role model of unity and democracy. Secondly, we would like to outline our program focus more clearly, define our aims and tasks, and agree on the terminology and tools of unity, respect, tolerance, peace and democratic policy.

The joint task force has been agreed on the “Programmatic Guidelines” and defined the task of working on the issue of refugee crisis in Norway both as a common task and an independent issue. These need to be bolstered in our activities in Norway and abroad. The majority, if not all, of the many suggestions and additions have been excited by this historic move made by the leaders of Oromo community in Oslo as the beginning draft of our common future as well as to defeat our common enemy that is current Ethiopian government who is slaughtering our innocent people in Ethiopia Our sincerest thanks go out to all concerned Ethiopians!

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