55 political prisoners sentenced after 3-year ordeal
Independent source | May 11, 2009

After almost three years of unfair trial, appointments, extended abuse, and mental torture, the Woyane kangaroo court, on May 9, 2009, sentenced some 55 Ethiopians to various years of imprisonment, ranging from three to fifteen years to serve in the most deplorable condition since Auschwitz . Although the prosecution did not submit a hint of evidence to support its allegation of crime, except written statements obtained under duress, the court delivered its ultimate injustice.

We want the whole world to wake up to the fact that the court system in Ethiopia is only a front for a judiciary that carries out the political will and objectives of one of the Bloodiest Dictators on earth since Pol Pot of Cambodia.

The blind miscarriage of justice, will only be matched by what awaits these political prisoners in side the dirtiest, urine- filled, fleas- infested holding pens, where over 400 inmates are kept in each cell. Not only that, the prison guards are armed with sticks and are continuously beating and terrorizing these innocent prisoners. The beatings by these Tigrean guards are not limited to the prisoners only. The families and friends of the inmates are unfortunate receivers of these weapons of terror when they come to visit.

All Ethiopians must make note of the fact that one ETHNIC group, the Tigreans, from the top dictator, Melese Zenawi, down to the prison guards, have a grip hold on the country and are terrorizing Ethiopians. The words “humane, sympathy, justice and fairness” are too foreign to these evil men. Soon Ethiopia will lose its Christianity, its identity and its history. This is not an empty talk. It is a serious matter, and is taking place right now.

One of those sentenced to three years is Ms. Hirut Kifle, who was arrested while walking on the streets of Addis. Hirut had the good fortune of meeting with three representatives of the American, Canadian Embassies, and a member of a UN Human Rights Watch about three months ago. She was able to describe to the group the horrible condition she was treated by Meles’s Tigrean guards when she was first incarcerated two years earlier. We cannot publish her description here.

These are a few of those sentenced various terms.

Yonas Getachew, Hirut Kifle, Alemayehou Seifu, Gezahegn Aredda, Sultan Mohammed, Endalkatchew Melese, Tadesse Zenebe, Fassica Taffa, Bruke Mammo,Alemayehou Tamre, Fikre Wold-Amlak, Lijalem Takele, Desalegn Serke, Wolde Danna, Birhanu Abba, Tsegaye Ayale, Belai Kefyalew, Gadlu Ayale, Mesfin Lemlem,Girma Sawinet, Zawdu Liyew, Anteneh Getnet Mulat, Mekecha Mengesitu, Getinet Ayalew, Tilahun Ayalew, Fekadu Andualem, Argata Gobena, Col. Daniel Tessema, Mohammed Surur, Eng. Abiyu Ali, Dr. Lakew Alemu, Abate Andarge, Amsalu Kassa, Tsigie Desta.

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