Thursday July 27, 2017


Everybody knows that Ethiopian jazz is the only kind worth listening to these days,” a bored Roman socialite remarks during one of the many party scenes in Paolo Sorrentino‘s film… Read more»

The Tree of Life, the Never Die Tree, The Magic Tree, The Tree of Paradise, The Miracle Tree, Mothers’ Best Friend. These are some of the laudatory appellations showered on… Read more»

Determining the sustainability of a developing country’s public debt is a challenge. This is because most developing countries in general and Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) countries in particular face an… Read more»

Having already written extensively on the legal sophistry committed against Ethiopia’s sovereign right by the “EPRDF” leadership, it would not have been necessary for me to reiterate my view on… Read more»

A few reasons why some of the Ethiopian Diaspora Community members are not interested and/or are against “investing” in Ethiopia: A summary of selected conversations over coffee and by telephone…. Read more»

Ethiopian dam creates waves

April 27th, 2017

By years’ end, one of the world’s largest dams will begin filling up, affecting the fate of millions of people as it does so. Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam on the… Read more»