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Top Ethiopian UNDP official faces corruption charges

By Inner City Press | July 2nd, 2017 | Posted in Banner Articles, Featured Articles, News


  • Hires the daughter of Ambassador Berhane Gebre Kristos without any public notice, nor any competitive employment process’

  • Staff describes him as ‘threatening’ and ‘bully’

SEATTLE (Ethiomedia) – An Ethiopian UNDP official faces corruption charges by employing the daughter of Ambassador Berhane Gebre Kristos, a key figure in the Ethiopian government, without any ‘competitive employment process.’

Tegegnework Gettu, the regional director of UNDP for Africa, hired Sallem Gebre Kristos in 2013 without any public notice nor without the presence of an opening for a job. Sallem has enjoyed successive promotions ever since, the report shows.

“Mr. Tegegnework Gettu, who has a very close relationship with. Mr.Gebre-Kristos, gave instruction to his staff to secure her recruitment,” the Inner City Report disclosed.

Ambassador Berhane, who was a very close confidante of the late tyrant Meles Zenawi, is widely seen as incompetent and corrupt like the rest of his peers in the inner circle of the ruling party in Ethiopia. Observers Ethiomedia talked to were not shocked but surprised that the individuals have been spreading corruption beyond Ethiopia and into the UN system.

Following is the full report by Inner City Press:

“UNITED NATIONS, June 13 – While some claim there have been substantive changes in the UN Secretariat and UN Development Program, these are by no means clear. In 2014 and again in 2016 Inner City Press reported on UNDP, and now in 2017 staff there, fearing retaliation, have written: “Secretary General, UNDP staff do not believe that competency plays a role in the hiring process.

“Managers select their staff based on color, nationality, and nepotism, and not on educational qualifications or work experience. As you may already know, nearly $1,000,000 (USD) has been spent on the UNDP’s Structural Review process. In 2014, these funds were channeled to consultants and other activities, yet UNDP’s leadership never provided a cost benefit analysis.

“We feel duty-bound to inform you of this which require your immediate attention: 1. Ms. Sallem Berhane joined UNDP RBA in 2013 as an Individual Contract (IC) holder without ever participating in a competitive selection process. It must be noted that Ms. Berhane is the daughter of a very powerful Ethiopian Deputy Prim- Minister Berhane Gebre-Kristos. The Director of the Regional Bureau for Africa (RBA) Mr. Tegegnework Gettu, has a very close relationship with. Mr.Gebre-Kristos gave instruction to his staff to secure her recruitment. During Structural Review, it was necessary to move Ms. Berhane to BPPS, following her supervisor Mr. Pedro Conceicao. In late 2016, again with no competitive recruitment process, Ms. Berhane was moved from BPPS to HQ/EXO with the same IC contract status. Then, in 2017, she was offered P3 Fixed Term contract without due process, as no vacancy was advertised and none of the organizational recruitment processes were observed. Reasonably, for bringing this information to light, staff-members are afraid of retaliatory discrimination from the Associate Administrator. He has rendered a service to his Government Official (who has supported his career advancement) and treats inquiries with a lack of respect, often responding with the attitude of a bully.” What will Guterres do? His top two spokesman not only didn’t answer anyof Inner City Press’ formal questions on June 12 – they didn’t even provide the requested confirmation of receipt. This is today’s UN.

“Inner City Press in 2014 reported on then-head of the UN Department of General Assembly and Conference Management  Tegegnework Gettu calling female critics “emotional,” here, whistleblowers afraid of Gallach-like retaliation tell Inner City Press that Gettu has continued his “shenanigans” at UNDP.

“Inner City Press has exclusively publishedinternal UNDP (“Atlas”) travel vouchers leaked to it by scared whistleblowers, reflecting among other things Gettu coincidentally putting in for $11,000 travel expenses.”

25 thoughts on “Top Ethiopian UNDP official faces corruption charges

  1. Kerchele says:

    Corruption upgraded! Hilarious.

  2. Habtu says:

    Well, why pick on Berhine G/kistos? The TPLF leadership has plugged their kids as ‘interns’, ‘contractors’ etc on the UN, AU and ECA?

    1. Kerchele says:

      I second your comment. The EPRDF gangs have been doing this shamelessly and out in the open for some time now. Corruption is as natural as breathing when it comes to the gangs. It is their modus operandi to plant and bloom their own wherever there is an opportunity. There is no sector of the Ethiopian economy, politics and social fabric that has not been contaminated by their corrupt system of governance and sadly, but not surprisingly, it is spreading like cancer all the way to the highest offices of international organisations.

  3. Kudus_yared75 says:

    I really really hate Nepotism. This is the thing I hate in my life. Nothing dehumanizes like corruption. Look if they can do this at UN level, imagine how they do it in Ethiopia. I hate this to my bones. This kills human dignity. Shame on them, enjoy disgrace, disgraceful.

  4. Adeda? says:

    Not only these but other international agencies too. If they “allow” you to investigate, much much more to discover.

  5. Alem says:

    Keep an eye on Tedros Adhanom at the WHO.
    Actually the way nepotism works is Tedros will hire Indian or Tanzanian
    president’s cousin, etc and Tedros’s cousin or Sebhat Nega’s nephew
    is hired in Kenya.
    So why has not all this whistleblowing [sorry public naming] in Ethiopia
    not resulted in getting Meles’s wife or Abbay Tsehai behind bars?

  6. Dereje says:

    This might come across as a shock to foreigners. However to Ethiopians, this is what they have to go through for the last 26 years. Shameless and greedy beyond anybody’s comprehension.

  7. Newera says:

    No wonder why Teddy Adhanom fought for the WHO job like his life depend on it. Who knew these jobs come with perks like hiring incompetent fello Tegadalays

  8. Tariku says:

    I am just wondering what have we (Ethiopians) become. When sound Ethiopian professionals achieve great success and become directors of WHO, regional directors and Assistant Secretary-General of the UN overcoming so many hurdles and barriers instead of rejoicing we spread ungrounded rumors like a wild fire. With so many corrupt and biased recruitment that is taking place in the UN, we are trying to single out one individual contractor appointment performed by a regional director as Ethiopian officials are spoilers of the system – shame on us! When Ghana and Egypt got a chance to appoint a UN Secretary-General, Ethiopia, the founding member of the UN and a mother of so many sound professionals has no a single Under Secretary-General appointee. Why? because we are the worst enemies of our own citizens. If the deputy prime minister is a corrupt official as some claim, why he is looking an individual contractor (IC) position to his daughter? I am confident if she was able to be hired and perform as an IC in UNDP she must be a sound professional and she don’t be blamed just because she is a daughter of an Ethiopian official. May the grace of God be with you all.

    1. Mamiru says:

      Look at this logic: “I am confident if she was able to be hired and perform as an IC in UNDP she must be a sound professional “. The report claimed that she was hired because of her father. Tariku tells us that she is competent because she was hired. Tariku Tariku Tariku; tarikenga chinkilat.

  9. Tazabiw says:

    “Inner city report”. Is this the sister publication of “Enquirer”??!

  10. Selamawit Solomon says:


  11. Aba Megal says:

    The of-springs bandas and their worshipers are the sworn enemies of Ethiopia be it Adhanom,Gebrechristos or Tegegne.

  12. Getachew Kebede says:

    Yes, she might be a professional who construct a sentence “she don’t be blamed just because she is a daughter of an Ethiopiaian official” instead of saying “she cannot be blamed because she happened to be a daughter of an Ethiopiaian official” Thanks!!

    1. newera says:

      Getachew Kebede,

      That is actually a stupid move correcting English or grammar. You understood what the person trying to say. English is second language for all of us. Language is for communication, as long as you understood what the other person trying to say, that is enough. we got it you are good in English, move on

  13. Getachew Kebede says:

    Yes, I agree, Mr Newara, it is stupid and insensitive to correct English grammar as long as we are on the same boat.However, it is not only those who speak English as their second language make errors but also whose first language is English though it is not as much as mine. Mr Tariku is trying to communicate someone’s professionalism, knowledge, experiences, skills and expertises on the basis of assumption. There’s nothing wrong with assuming something to myself. The problem arises when I try to spread my assumption and influence others without providing evidence. So I should not be surprised if the reaction is so bitter and painful. Anyway, let us leave it here and move on as you said. Thanks!

  14. Thomas says:

    Folks, the UN, UNDP, UNICEF, WHO are sanctuaries for criminals, incompetent and corrupt individuals, who assume their post by or through illegal Channels. Once these individuals are hired they are set for life like US federal judges, the only way out is retirement . Tegegn and his friends are enjoying the fruits of a well structured corrupt environment, and don’t we all know that TPLF thrives in such environment

  15. Tufa says:

    What ever the reason may be, she is not working for the Ethiopian government at UNDP. She was hired because of not her father is Ethiopian official but of her merit. Did you know she is a US citizen and studied here in the US for her Bachelor and got her Masters from a well known French university in International Relations? You telling us that she is not capable of working for UNDP? I have a great respect for all that went to school and learn something. Please stop attacking young professionals.

    1. Getachew Kebede says:

      Dear Tufa, thank you so much for providing some background ground information on behalf of the person in your subject. I SAY in your subject because the Ethiopian official’s child is no ones subject matter or target. Is the report about how many degrees and qualifications one has to possess to qualify for UNDP position? Is the report about citizenship? Is the report about attacking young professionals? Is the report whether I like or dislike those who are committed to learn? I guess it is about systematic corruption and its promoters. Let me think and take some time to find out whether your comment makes relevance to the report or not. Thanks!

      1. Getachew Kebede says:

        Dear Tufa, I have gone through the report a couple times. Unfortunately, I am unable to make connections between your comment and the report. If you are referring to some of the comments on this page, I think they are saying, if you bet or gamble to find Woyane individuals where there is poison or contamination of systems you will definitely win. Hope you will agree with their comments. This is my personal interpretation of some the comments, you do not have to buy me. Thanks!

  16. Getachew Kebede says:

    Friend Thomas, in adding to the list UNHCR, I would say if we cannot say all in all full of corrupt and criminal people it is greatly dominated and influenced by these deceptive people. And your comment is true from my perspective. We may not be able to say all are corrupt just to leave a very small room for honest and selfless few individuals and of course for the benefit of doubt and our own conscience. What makes waynes corrupt individuals different from others is that they want us to sing them songs of success and fulfillment instead of reaping the harvest of corruption silently like others. As a result, they make restless. Thanks!

  17. zeg fanta says:

    I have no word to describe one of the most unfit persons by name B. G. K. Diplomats in Washington, D. C. referred to him as the most useless person good for nothing. Many wanted to advise the Ethiopian government to replace him because with him or through him, they confessed that they could not do what their governments wished to help Ethiopia. They said he was like “Eat, drink, and feel at home, Ethiopia is a friendly country”, which is the only thing he learned to say. While in D.C he stole about US $4- $11 millions from Ethiopia, was found in his private back account. He was reportedly one who saved Meles by telling Meles about the plot others had planned to eliminate Meles. Meles feel indebted to him, but finally because of the adultery and unaccounted money in BGK’s account, he demoted him and assigned him to Belgium where Meles went to die in a hospital.

  18. Tamirat says:

    Not surprised indeed. We talk about this individual because he is “familiar” to his country men and women. But I totally agree on the general conclusion that almost all UN organisations and AU are collections of modern bandits who hire (or fire at will if for example a woman is not willing to go to hotel room) through unprofessional processes of personal connections and country quotas regardless of the level of competency. The irony of all is that, the officers of these organisations are the highly paid ones not for their service to bring a positive change to humanity but rather to show their faces across media lines to the least and to produce just a few hundred pages of annual report. I am always wondering and asking what these BS organisations bring to society other than consuming more than 80% of the budget for themselves and for the corrupt regimes and government officers benefits.

  19. Tamirat says:

    Just to add to my comment, this individual is a proof that he is a part of this corrupt UN system. If it were not true, we wouldn’t have seen almost all highly paid jobs (allocated to Ethiopian citizens) in international organisations, mainly those based in Ethiopia, go to regime affiliated (and relatives) of the master chiefs of corruption of today’s Ethiopia.

  20. rezen says:

    Subject: Top Ethiopian UNDP official faces corruption charges, By Inner City Press | July 2nd, 2017

    Commentary, 19 July 2017
    TWENTY-FOUR (24) Thoughts!!!!! I think it is a Record so far. But the main question is this >>>: ‘WHY so many record breaking commentaries?’!!! After all, the glorious and diplomatic notorious UN System is well known for its “ACTIVITIES” in the entire human spectrum. Once upon a time, a long time ago, I read a scathing book by a British writer who was himself a member of that dignified UN ‘fraternal’ Organization, with multi trillion dollar budget, where human activities are at their best in its entire spectrum. I will try to find the title and the name of the author – and post it.

    Dear Readers, We live in a practical World where we scratch each other’s back for mutual benefit >>>wink, wink, wink .You understand. Please SMILE. But don’t get fooled by the glittering artificial personalities roaming around in various breath-taking building around the Globe. Deep down, WE ARE ALL THE SAME.

    But, in any case we, the Readers, should THANK for providing us with a space to express and release our feelings >>>> always, however, diplomatically — please.

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